Former Arts Camp Instructors

Former Girdwood Fine Arts Camp instructions:

Alvin Amason – painting
Kay Armstrong – hand built ceramics pit firing
Terri Adkins – raku and glaze chemistry
Jannah Atkins – painting
Kali Bennett – digital photography photoshop
Linda Bennett – clay
Michael Besh – black and white film / dark room technique
Ralph Bluska – acrylic painting
Brian Bolden – hand built clay
Bridgid Bourque – bookmaking
Jean Bundy acrylic – painting
Lindsey Carmon – drawing
Katie Cronk – silk painting
Sarah Cronk – silk painting
Graham Dane – assemblage
Jim Dault – found material sculpture, Whale skeleton
Paula Dickey – watercolor
Jim Diehl – photography
Shala Dobson – stone sculpture (inuksuk)
David Edlefsen – mixed media assemblage
Andrea Eggelston – paper machĂ©
Susan Farley – printmaking
Jimmie Froehlich – conceptual art
Hal Gage – photography
Maya Gauvreau – multi media
Steve Godfrey – raku
Mariano Gonzalez – video, enamel on metal, sand casting aluminum, lost wax casting
Steve Gordon – puppets, mural painting
Terry Lee Hobbs – watercolors
Judith Hoersting – whiteline blockprinting
Gina Hollomon – clay masks
Tory Hughes – FIMO
Margaret Hugi Lewis – multimedia
Jody Jenkins – drawing, sculpture
Terry Josey – casting plaster
Jim Kaiser – stained glass
Ruth Kircher – drawing, painting, performance art
Lion Hearted Lake – pen and ink portraiture
Barbara Lavallee – painting
Cats Lindquist – image re-assemblage
Lynn Magnuson – painting
Linda Marsh-Ives – drawing, pastels
Jane Meyer – anodized titanium
Brad McLemore – inlet clay
Hugh McPeck – drawing, charcoal, sculpture
Diane Melms – puppetry
Brenda Milan – Assemblage
Sandy Mintz – oil painting
Don Mohr – sculture
Robin Murphy – drawing, sculpture
Christina Newell – ceramics
Kim Nielsen – clay
Takeo Okamoto – ice sculpture
Annie Olson – drawing, painting
T. Sal. O’Malley – drawing
Jimmy Riordan – drawing, printmaking, sculpture, book binding
Duke Russell – painting, art constructions
Marie Russell – game making
Bill Sabo – metal casting, painting
Amanda Saxon – graphics
Jean Shaddrach – Sumi-e ink
Cindy Shake – welding
Sandy St. George – painting
Shoko Takahashi – painting, sculpture
Kim Terpening – environmental art
Michael Walsh – film making
Mike Walsh – welding
Thalia Wilkinson – drawing , sculpture
Sheila Wyne – glass tile mosaic portraits
Lucy Zercher – felting